West Des Moines -Kings Landing

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Kings Landing Plats 2 & 3- West Des Moines – Kings Landing Plats 2 & 3, just west of Woodland Hills Elementary,  features two large 6 acre ponds that will make for wonderful views from your deck. Not only does the pond feature allow for numerous activities and great views from your home, Kings Landing will give homeowners access to Sugar Creek and the greenbelt trail system. Come home to this quiet neighborhood, but still enjoy all the entertainment options of nearby West Glenn Town Center and Jordan Creek mall.

School District: Waukee

  • Woodland Hills Elementary – grades K-5
  • South Middle School – grades 6-7
  • Timberline School – grade 8-9
  • Waukee High School – grades 10-12

School District Boundary Map:

Directions:  Take Mills Civic Parkway east and turn left at the roundabout (S 88th St), turn right on Cascade Ave, turn left on S 93rd Street, turn right on Stagecoach Dr. Development is at the end of the road on the left.

Individual Lot Pricing
 Lot #AddressPriceWidth of Lot at SetbackGradeDescription
Plat 2
7 & Outlot "T"1475 S 100th StreetSALE PENDING73'Daylight windows
8 & Outlot "S"1449 S 100th St/10014 Stark DrSALE PENDING95'Daylight windows
91421 S 100th St/10009 Stark AveSALE PENDING92'Standard (level)
1610128 Empire Court$88,90075'Standard (level)
3510156 Thorne DriveSALE PENDING75' Standard (level)
4010240 Thorne DriveSALE PENDING75'Standard (level)Sideyard trees
781199 S Temple Drive$87,90075'Standard (level)Backs to open space
811145 S Temple DriveSALE PENDING75'Standard (level)Backs to open space
8910041 Queensland Rd/1173 S 100th StSALE PENDING102'Possible Daylight
10210037 Rhaenys Rd/1093 S 100th St$84,900102'Standard (level)
1031079 S 100th StreetSALE PENDING75'Possible Daylight
107 & Outlot "XX"1046 S 100th St/1050 S Wildfire Ave$110,000112'Walk-out
108 -109SOLD
110 1086 S Wildfire Ave$159,90090'Walk-outView of creek
124 & Outlot "I"1302 S Wildfire Ave$169,90090'Daylight windowsView of creek
125 & Outlot "J"1318 S Wildfire Ave$169,90090'Daylight windowsView of creek
126 & Outlot "K"1330 S Wildfire AveSALE PENDING90'Possible Walk-outView of creek
1321431 S Wildfire AveSALE PENDING90'Walk-outView of pond
1341391 S Wildfire Ave$119,00080'Daylight windows
Plat 311119 S Temple Drive$89,90080'Standard (level)
21083 S Temple Drive$89,90085'Standard (level)
31065 S Temple Drive$84,90075'Standard (level)
41047 S Temple Drive$84,90075'Standard (level)
51021 S Temple Drive$81,90075'Standard (level)
61013 S Temple Drive$90,00075.2'Possible Daylight
1010165 Bolton Place$89,90075'Walk-out
1710245 Rhaenys RoadSALE PENDING80'Daylight windows
Additional Information

Set back for Plats 2 & 3:

Front 30′, Rear 35″ and side yard 15′ total 7′ minimum

Minimum Home Size Requirements for Plat 2:

If lot width at Building Setback is 74′ or less: Ranch – 1,500 sf, 2 Story and 1 ½ Story – 1,700 sf

If lot width at Building Setback  is 75′-79′: Ranch – 1,600 sf, 2 Story and 1 ½ Story – 1,800 sf

If lot width at Building Setback  is 80′-89′: Ranch – 1,700 sf, 2 Story and 1 ½ Story – 1,800 sf

If lot width at Building Setback  is 90’+: Ranch – 1,800 sf, 2 Story and 1 ½ Story – 2,000 sf

Minimum Home Size Requirements for Corner Lots in Plat 1 only:

Lots 107, 135, 136, 154 and 172: Ranch – 1,650 sf, 2 Story and 1 ½ Story – 1,850 sf

All remaining corner lots: Ranch – 1,500 sf, 2 Story and 1 ½ Story – 1,700 sf


Minimum Home Size Requirements for Plat 3:

Ranch – 1,600 sf, 1 ½ Story – 1,800 sf and 2 Story – 2,000 sf


Homeowners Association Dues: $170 / per lot per year

  • Lot widths are an approximate measurement and are not always drawn where a house will ultimately be placed on the Lot.  Refer to your licensed engineer for scaling and house placement,
  • Seller does not guarantee the information describing these properties.  Interested parties are advised to independently verify this information through personal inspection or with appropriate professionals.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All MPE’s and MOE’s are for reference only, please refer to local city and/or project engineer for MPE’s and MOE’s.
  • Seller does not warrant soil conditions, it is recommended Buyer(s) perform such tests as they deem necessary.  All tests must be approved by Seller before being performed.

For additional information contact Derek Temple at 515-778-2601 or , Dave Harmeyer at 515-554-4151 or