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Ashley Acres  – Waukee

Ashley Acres Plat 1 is now under construction and getting closer everyday to seeing new homes by great builders go up in the northern part of Waukee! Plat 1 will consist of 70′ to 85′ wide lots with certain lots offering view of a pond or existing trees on the neighboring property. North of Hickman on Warrior lane Ashley Acres is positioned perfectly for those who want to enjoy all the commercial amenities of Hickman Rd and the surrounding area of Waukee. Its also a great location for families within the Waukee School district with Radiant Elementary School within a couple minutes of the neighborhood and the new Northwest High School just around the corner.

Make sure to call with any questions regarding this new Waukee neighborhood or to set up a time to tour the neighborhood. You won’t want to miss out!

School District: Waukee

  • Radiant Elementary School – grades K-5
  • Waukee Middle School – grades 6-7
  • Prairieview  School – grades 8-9
  • Northwest Waukee High School – grades 10-12

School District Boundary Map: http://waukeeschools.mapmyschools.com/Locator


From Interstate 80/35 take the Hickman Rd (Hwy 6) exit and head west. Continue west for about 5 miles until you come to the intersection of Hickman Rd. and Warrior Lane. From the intersection take a right and head north on Warrior Lane. Continue north on Warrior Lane for about 1 mile and Ashley Acres will be on the west side of the road.


From Interstate 80 take the Grand Prairie Pkwy exit and head north. Continue north for about 3.2 miles until you react the intersection of Grand Prairie Pkwy and Hickman Rd. Take a left and head west at Hickman Rd. Continue West on Hickman Rd. for about 1 mile until you hit the intersection of Warrior Lane. Take a right onto Warrior Lane and head north about about 1 mile and Ashley Acres will be on the west side of the  road.

Individual Lot Pricing
Lot #AddressPriceWidth of Lot at SetbackMinimum Protection Elevations (MPE)Grade
1165 NW Valleyview Dr./ 1415 NW Alderleaf Dr.SALE PENDING90'Standard (level)
2155 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'Standard (level)
3145 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'1019.1Standard (level)
4135 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'1019.1Standard (level)
5125 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'1019.1Standard (level)
6115 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'1017.65Standard (level)
7105 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING75'1017.65Possible Daylight
895 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING75'1017.65Possible Daylight
985 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'Standard (level)
1075 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING75'Possible Daylight
1165 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING75'Daylight
1245 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'Daylight
1335 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'Standard (level)
1425 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'1010Standard (level)
1515 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'Standard (level)
165 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING93'Standard (level)
1710 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING97'Standard (level)
1820 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING75'Possible Daylight
1930 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'Walk-out
2040 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'Walk-out
2150 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'Walk-out
2260 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'Walk-out
2370 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING71'Walk-out
2480 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'Walk-out
2590 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'Walk-out
26100 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'Walk-out
27110 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'1016.7Daylight
28120 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'1016.7Possible Daylight
29130 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING73'1018.7Standard (level)
30140 NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'1018.8Standard (level)
31150NW Valleyview DriveSALE PENDING70'1018.8Standard (level)
32160 NW Valleyview Dr./ 1385 NW Alderleaf Dr.SALE PENDING88'1018.8Standard (level)
33165 NW Hidden Knoll Ct./ 1365 NW Alderleaf Cr. SALE PENDING93'1018.8Standard (level)
34155 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING73'1018.8Standard (level)
35145 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING73'1018.8Standard (level)
36135 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING73'1016.7Standard (level)
37125 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1016.7Standard (level)
38115 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1016.7Possible Daylight
39105 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'Walk-out
4095 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'Walk-out
4175 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'Walk-out
4265 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'Walk-out
4355 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'Walk-out
4445 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING80'Walk-out
4535 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING82'Walk-out
4640 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING82'Walk-out
4750 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING80'1007Walk-out
4860 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1007Walk-out
49 70 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1007Walk-out
5080 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1007Walk-out
51100 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1007Walk-out
52110 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1007Walk-out
53120 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING78'1007Walk-out
54130 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING73'1007Walk-out
55140 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING73'1007Walk-out
56150 NW Hidden Knoll CourtSALE PENDING73'Walk-out
57160 NW Hidden Knoll Ct./ 1345 NW Alderleaf Dr.SALE PENDING91'Walk-out
581315 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING82'Walk-out
591305 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING85'1007Walk-out
60135 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING85'1007Walk-out
61125 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING85'1007Walk-out
62115 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING85'1007Walk-out
63105 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007Walk-out
6485 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007Walk-out
6575 NW Alderkleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007Walk-out
6665 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007Daylight
6755 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007Daylight
6845 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007Standard (level)
6935 NW Alderkleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007Standard (level)
7025 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING81'Standard (level)
7115 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING81'Possible Daylight
725 NW Alderleaf Drive$89,900103'Possible Daylight
7310 NW Alderleaf Drive$105,000103'Standard (level)
7420 NW Alderleaf Drive$118,00096'Standard (level)
7530 NW Alderleaf Drive$118,00080'Standard (level)
7640 NW Alderleaf Drive$118,00080'Standard (level)
7750 NW Alderleaf Drive$118,00085'Standard (level)
7860 NW Alderleaf Drive$115,00085'1013.15Standard (level)
7970 NW Alderleaf Drive$115,00085'1013.15Standard (level)
8080 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING85'1013.15Standard (level)
8190 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING85'Standard (level)
82100 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'Possible Daylight
83110 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'Daylight
84120 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'Walk-out
85130 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING86'Walk-out
86140 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING81'1005Walk-out
87150 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING91'1005Walk-out
881310 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING91'1005Walk-out
891320 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING81'1005Walk-out
901330 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING81'Walk-out
911340 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'Walk-out
921350 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'Walk-out
931360 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'Walk-out
941370 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'Walk-out
951380 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007.25Walk-out
961390 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING80'1007.25Walk-out
971410 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING75'1007.25Walk-out
981420 NW Alderleaf DriveSALE PENDING75'1007.25Walk-out

Set Backs: Front 30′, Rear 35′, Side yard: 15′ total-5′ minimum on one side 1 or 1.5 Story or 7′ minimum for a 2 Story

Minimum Home Size Requirements:

Lots 1-32:

1 Story 1,500 sf, 1 ½ Story 1,850 sf, 2 Story 1,950 sf

Lots 33 through 36 and 54 through 57:

1 Story 1,550 sf, 1 ½ Story 1,850 sf, 2 Story 1,950 sf

Lots 37 through 53 and 58 through 98:

1 Story 1,600 sf, 1 ½ Story 2,000 sf, 2 Story 2,200 sf

Homeowners Association Dues: $100 per year.

  • Lot widths are an approximate measurement and are not always drawn where a house will ultimately be placed on the Lot.  Refer to your licensed engineer for scaling and house placement,
  • Seller does not guarantee the information describing these properties.  Interested parties are advised to independently verify this information through personal inspection or with appropriate professionals.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All MPE’s and MOE’s are for reference only, please refer to local city and/or project engineer for MPE’s and MOE’s.
  • Seller does not warrant soil conditions, it is recommended Buyer(s) perform such tests as they deem necessary.  All tests must be approved by Seller before being performed.

For additional information on residential lots contact Derek Temple at 515-778-2601 or derek@vistarei.com , Dave Harmeyer at 515-554-4151 or dave@vistarei.com.