Bondurant – Sankey Summit Plat 2 and 3

Lot Information
Property Highlights and Details

Sankey Summit brings something new and exciting to the great City of Bondurant! Features such as a large pond, walk-out and daylight lots, cul de sac living, accessibility and walkability were all thought of when putting this development together. Walking trails provide for easy access to the pond, future park ground, and the rest of Bondurant.

Located just west of Bondurant-Farrar High School and just minutes from Bondurant’s newly opened grocery store, Brick Street Market and Café and Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company, Sankey Summit is truly a great place for anybody to call home!

School District: Bondurant-Farrar School District

  • Anderson Elementary School – grades PK-4
  • Bondurant-Farrar Middle School – grades 5-8
  • Bondurant-Farrar High School – grades 9-12



I-80 to the Hwy 65 / Hubbell Ave / Bondurant IA exit.  Travel north towards Bondurant on Hwy 65.  Continue north until you reach the northeast edge of town and go east (Left) on 2nd St NE.  Take 2nd St NE to the four way stop sign and turn right (north) onto Grant St N.  Go north on Grant St N approximately 3/4 mile and Sankey Summit  will be located on the west side of Grant St, directly west of the Bondurant-Farrar High School.


Plat 2Lot #AddressPriceWidth of Lot at SetbackMinimum Protection Elevations (MPE)Grade
17225 13th Street NW/1205 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING57.5'962Standard (Level)
21220 12th Court NWSALE PENDING68'962Standard (Level)
22216 12th Court NWSALE PENDING68'962Standard (Level)
23212 12th Court NWSALE PENDING68'962Standard (Level)
36232 11th Court NW/1101 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING69'960.15Standard (Level)
37228 11th Court NWSALE PENDING65'960.15Standard (Level)
38224 11th Court NWSALE PENDING65'960.15Standard (Level)
39220 11th Court NWSALE PENDING65'960.85Standard (Level)
40216 11th Court NWSALE PENDING65'960.85Standard (Level)
41212 11th Court NWSALE PENDING65'961.75Standard (Level)
42208 11th Court NWSALE PENDING65'691.75Standard (Level)
43204 11th Court NWSALE PENDING68.9'963.5Standard (Level)
44200 11th Court NWSALE PENDING67.9'Possible Daylight
45201 11th Court NWSALE PENDING67.9'Possible Daylight
46205 11th Court NWSALE PENDING68.9'Possible Daylight
58317 11th Street NWSALE PENDING75'Standard (Level)
59321 11th Street NWSALE PENDING75'951.15Standard (Level)
60325 11th Street NWSALE PENDING75'951.15Possible Daylight
68312 11th Street NWSALE PENDING70'956Standard (Level)
69308 11th Street NWSALE PENDING70'956Standard (Level)
70304 11th Street NWSALE PENDING70'956Standard (Level)
711100 Deer Ridge Drive NW/300 11th Street NWSALE PENDING64'Standard (Level)
721104 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING71'956Standard (Level)
731108 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING71'Standard (Level)
741112 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING71'Standard (Level)
751116 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING71'Standard (Level)
761200 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING71'Standard (Level)
771204 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING71'Standard (Level)
811304 Deer Ridge Drive NW$64, 90073'961Standard (Level)
82224 13th Street NW/1301 Deer Ridge Drive NWSALE PENDING57.5'963.75Standard (Level)
83220 13th Street NWSALE PENDING65'963.75Standard (Level)

Minimum Home Size Requirements:

Lots 54-81 (paintable siding only)

Ranch: 1,450 sf, 1 ½ Story: 1,650 sf, 2 Story: 1,750 sf

Lots 1-53 and 82-94

Ranch: 1,350 sf, 1 ½ Story: 1,500 sf, 2 Story: 1,650 sf

Set Backs: Front 30′, Rear 35′, Side yard 7′, Total 15′ side yard.

Lots 1-4: Driveways shall be constructed that all maneuvering is done on private property so cars can pull out head first onto Grant Street.

  • Lot widths are an approximate measurement and are not always drawn where a house will ultimately be placed on the Lot.  Refer to your licensed engineer for scaling and house placement,
  • Seller does not guarantee the information describing these properties.  Interested parties are advised to independently verify this information through personal inspection or with appropriate professionals.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All MPE’s and MOE’s are for reference only, please refer to local city and/or project engineer for MPE’s and MOE’s.
  • Seller does not warrant soil conditions, it is recommended Buyer(s) perform such tests as they deem necessary.  All tests must be approved by Seller before being performed.

For additional information contact Derek Temple at 515-778-2601 or , Dave Harmeyer at 515-554-4151 or