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Quail Run-Bondurant, Iowa

Welcome to Quail Run in Bondurant, Iowa. This new development located on the west edge of town will be the first of its kind. Quail Run will feature a mix of smaller foot print lots with your typical sized lot ranging from 65′ to 77′ of width at the setback. Located on the south side of this neighborhood a large pond, roughly two acres in size that will be surrounded on the north side with lots that will give these homeowners beautiful water views! Do you enjoy riding your bike or going on a jog? You are in luck, this development with have future access to the Chichaqua trial via a new trail system running along mud creek that homeowners will be able to access through the neighborhood.

Give us a call for additional information and questions regarding Quail Run!

Additional Community Information

School District: Bondurant-Farrar 

School District Boundary Map: https://www.bfschools.org/


From Interstate 80 take the Hwy 65 exit and head northeast towards Bondurant. Continue NE until you get to Grant St. S  intersection and take a left. Continue on Grant St. S until you get to the four way stop on Grant and NE 78th Ave.Take a left onto NE 78th  Ave and continue to Shiloh Rose Pkwy NW and the neighborhood will be located on the south side of NE 78th Ave.

Individual Lot Pricing
Plat 3Lot #AddressPrice* Approximate Width at SetbackMinimum Protection Elevations (MPE)Grade
1101 Creekside Drive SW$69,90063'948.5Daylight
2105 Creekside Drive SW$79,90070'948.5Standard (Level)
3109 Creekside Drive SW$79,90075'948.5Standard (Level)
4113 Creekside Drive SW$77,90075'948.5Standard (Level)
5117 Creekside Drive SW$77,90075'948.5Standard (Level)
6121 Creekside Drive SW$77,90075'948.5Standard (Level)
7125 Creekside Drive SW$77,90075'948.5Standard (Level)
8129 Creekside Drive SW$79,90075'948.5Standard (Level)
10137 Creekside Drive SW$79,90075'947.3Standard (Level)
11201 Creekside Drive SW$82,90075'947.25Standard (Level)
12205 Creekside Drive SW$83,90075'947Standard (Level)
13209 Creekside Drive SW$84,90075'947Standard (Level)
14213 Creekside Drive SW$84,90078'946.9Standard (Level)
15217 Creekside Drive SW$84,90079'946.8Standard (Level)
16221 Creekside Drive SW$84,90079'946.8Standard (Level)
17225 Creekside Drive SW$84,90080'946.8Standard (Level)
18301 Creekside Drive SW$84,90075'946.8Possible Daylight
20309 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING75'946.8Possible Daylight
21313 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING75'946.8Possible Daylight
22317 Creekside Drive SW$82,50075'946.8Standard (Level)
23321 Creekside Dr. SW/716 Chayse St. SW$74,90068'946.8Standard (Level)
24712 Chayse Street SW$89,90089'946.8Standard (Level)
26704 Chayse Street SWSALE PENDING84'946.8Standard (Level)
27700 Chayse Street SWSALE PENDING77'946.8Standard (Level)
29705 Chayse Street SW$96,90075'945.75Daylight
31713 Chayse Street SW$92,50075'945.75Daylight
32717 Chayse Street SW$84,90075'945.75Daylight
34725 Chayse Street SWSALE PENDING75'945.75Daylight
35801 Chayse Street SW$79,90075'Daylight
36805 Chayse Street SW$79,90075'Possible Daylight
37809 Chayse Street SW$75,90070Standard (Level)
38324 Creekside Dr. SW/800 Chayse St. SWSALE PENDING68'951.3Standard (Level)
40316 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING71'951.3Standard (Level)
41312 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING70'951.25Standard (Level)
42308 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING70'951.25Standard (Level)
43304 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING71951.25Standard (Level)
44300 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING72'950.25Standard (Level)
45224 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING72'950.25Standard (Level)
46220 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING72' 949.5Standard (Level)
47216 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING72'949.25Standard (Level)
48212 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING71'948.5Standard (Level)
49208 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING70'948.5Standard (Level)
50204 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING70'948.5Standard (Level)
51200 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING70'948.5Standard (Level)
52136 Creekside Drive SWSALE PENDING70'948.5Standard (Level)
53132 Creekside Drive SW$66,90093'948.5Standard (Level)
541001 Westridge St. SW/128 Creekside Dr. SW$62,50074'Standard (Level)
551000 Westridge St. SW/ 108 Creekside Dr. SW$63,90067'950.5Standard (Level)

Set Backs: Front 30′, Rear 35′, Side yard: 15′ total-5′ minimum on one side 1 or 1.5 Story or 7′ minimum for a 2 Story

Minimum Home Size Requirements:

1 Story 1,400 sf, 1 ½ Story 1,650 sf, 2 Story 1,750 sf


Homeowners Association Dues: TBD

  • Lot widths are an approximate measurement and are not always drawn where a house will ultimately be placed on the Lot.  Refer to your licensed engineer for scaling and house placement,
  • Seller does not guarantee the information describing these properties.  Interested parties are advised to independently verify this information through personal inspection or with appropriate professionals.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All MPE’s and MOE’s are for reference only, please refer to local city and/or project engineer for MPE’s and MOE’s.
  • Seller does not warrant soil conditions, it is recommended Buyer(s) perform such tests as they deem necessary.  All tests must be approved by Seller before being performed.

For additional information on residential lots contact Derek Temple at 515-778-2601 or derek@vistarei.com , Dave Harmeyer at 515-554-4151 or dave@vistarei.com.