Clive – Shadow Creek Plats 3 & 4

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Shadow Creek – Clive  

Welcome to Shadow Creek Plats 3 & 4 in Clive, Iowa! This beautiful piece of land lays out perfectly to be a premier residential neighborhood in the Des Moines Metro. Larger lots to the west and north will back up to the Little Walnut Creek Greenbelt and homeowners will get to enjoy a view of mature trees and a running creek.  Along with a natural timbered and creek area, a large pond will also be featured in the northeast corner of this plat and will be dedicated to the City of Clive as parkland. Connectivity was also another item that was carefully thought out in the planning of this residential neighborhood. A bike path along Westgate Dive will travel north up to the greenbelt that will eventually connect to the city greenbelt trail system. If you have been looking for the perfect location to call home on the west-side of the metro, this will be the neighborhood to find that location.

School District: Waukee

  • Radiant Elementary School – grades K-5
  • Waukee Middle School – grades 6-7
  • Prairieview School – grades 8-9
  • Waukee High School – grades 10-12

School District Boundary Map:


From the interstate, take Hickman Rd. Exit and head west, take a right onto Alice’s Road (north) to the stoplight on Douglas Pkwy, take a left (west) onto Douglas Pkwy to Westgate Dr., take a right onto Westgate (north) and continue north into Shadow Creek Estates Plat 4.


From the interstate take the Douglas Pkwy. exit and head west on Douglas, continue west on Douglas until you hit Westgate Dr., take a right onto Westgate and head north into north until the development.

Individual Lot Pricing
 Lot #AddressPriceWidth of Lot at SetbackGradeDescription
Plat 3
133679 Westgate Parkway
$85,000120'Daylight windows
1417625 Berkshire Parkway
$89,90082'Standard (level)
1617600 Berkshire Parkway
$89,90082'Standard (level)
1717548 Berkshire Parkway
$89,90082'Standard (level)
1817532 Berkshire Parkway
$89,90082'Standard (level)
1917502 Berkshire Parkway
SALE PENDING82'Standard (level)
2017478 Berkshire Parkway
$89,90082' Standard (level)
2317413 Prairie Drive/17417 Aurora Drive
$90,000110'Possible Walk-out
363663 Westgate Parkway
SALE PENDING116'/135'Possible Walk-out
373635 Westgate Parkway
$85,000115'/135'Standard (level)
3917612 Aurora Drive
SALE PENDING74'Standard (level)
4117582 Aurora Drive
$85,00074'Standard (level)
4217564 Aurora Drive
SALE PENDING74'Standard (level)
4417512 Aurora Drive
Not Available74'Standard (level)
4517488 Aurora Drive
$85,00074'Standard (level)
543693 NW 174th Court/17448 Aurora Drive
104'Standard (level)
5617436 Aurora Drive
SALE PENDING75'Standard (level)
5717426 Aurora Drive
$85,000104'Standard (level)
Plat 4
13414 Westgate Parkway
125'/145'Standard (level)Corner lot
217654 Madison Drive
Not Available70'Standard (level)
317662 Madison Drive
Not Available70'Standard (level)
917824 NW 178th Street
SALE PENDING70'Standard (level)
103440 NW 178th Street
SALE PENDING80'Daylight windows Back to trees
113462 NW 178th Street
SALE PENDING80'Walk-outBack to trees
22 & Outlot "O"3612 NW 178th Court
SALE PENDING85'Walk-outBacks to the Clive Greenbelt
23-27 SOLD
28 & Outlot "U"3696 NW 178th Court
SALE PENDING90'Walk-outBacks to the Clive Greenbelt
353615 NW 178th Court or 17933 Baxter Drive
SALE PENDING104'Standard (level)
513488 Westgate Parkway
$80,900125'/145'Standard (level)Corner lot
873524 Westgate Parkway
SALE PENDING125'/161'Walk-outCorner lot
883568 Westgate Parkway
SALE PENDING121'/151'Daylight windowsCorner lot

Plat 3: 

Minimum Home Size Requirements:

Ranch: 1,800 sq. ft., 1 ½  and 2 Story: 2,200 sq. ft.

Set Backs:

Lots 1 & 22: Front 30′, Front along Berkshire Parkway 35′, Rear 35′ and sideyard  8′ each side

Lots 2-21: Front 30′, Rear 35′ and sideyard  8′ each side

Lots 23-57: Front 30′, Rear 35′ and sideyard  7′ each side


Must have side load garages: Lots 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 16, 19, 21 and 22

Driveway Restrictions:

  • Lots 8 and 13 muster enter off Berkshire Parkway
  • Lots 21 and 22 must enter off Prairie Drive
  • Lots 36 and 37 must enter off Aurora Drive

Front Door Restrictions:

  • Lots 13, 36 and 37 must face Westgate Parkway
  • Lots 21 and 22 must face Berkshire Parkway



Plat 4: 

Minimum Home Size Requirements:

Lots 1-9, 34-64 and 80-89: Ranch: 1,550 sq. ft., 1 ½ Story: 1,800 sq. ft., 2 Story: 2,000 sq. ft.

Lots 10-21, 30-33, 65-68, 77-79, 90, 91 and 95: Ranch: 1,800 sq. ft., 1 ½ Story: 2,000 sq. ft., 2 Story: 2,200 sq. ft.

Lots 22-29, 69-76 and 92-94: Ranch: 2,000 sq. ft., 1 ½ Story: 2,200 sq. ft., 2 Story: 2,400 sq. ft.

Set Backs:

Lots 1-21, 30-68 and 77-90: Front 30′, Rear 30′ and Side 7′

Lots 22-29, 69-76 and 91-95: Front 30′, Rear 30′ and Side 8′



Lots 1, 50, 51, 87, 88 and 95:

  1. Owner shall be responsible for constructing a four (4) foot wide PCC service sidewalk extending from the front door to the public sidewalk along Westgate Parkway
  2. Required to install  ad maintain a decorative coach light with the front service sidewalk that is installed from the front door to the public sidewalk along Westgate Parkway.
  3.  Driveway will not be allowed to face or exit onto Westgate Parkway.
  • Lot widths are an approximate measurement and are not always drawn where a house will ultimately be placed on the Lot.  Refer to your licensed engineer for scaling and house placement,
  • Seller does not guarantee the information describing these properties.  Interested parties are advised to independently verify this information through personal inspection or with appropriate professionals.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All MPE’s and MOE’s are for reference only, please refer to local city and/or project engineer for MPE’s and MOE’s.
  • Seller does not warrant soil conditions, it is recommended Buyer(s) perform such tests as they deem necessary.  All tests must be approved by Seller before being performed.

For additional information on residential lots contact Jerry Bussanmas at 515-778-5732  or or Derek Temple at 515-778-2601 or